Spreading the good word

Hey, all! This is a story that I had originally shared back in February, when I was working with a different blog platform. Some of you may have already seen this story, but for those who have not, I hope it may offer some inspiration, or at least a smile! Cheers!


Spreading the good word! (February, 2013)

I wanted to share a little story with you all about an experience that I had, in an attempt to spread some kindness yesterday…

On my commute home, I stopped at a local Starbucks as I was leaving town. I’d stopped here several times before, but only recently noticed another Honda Fit (which is what I drive) in the parking lot as I pulled in. It had several bumper stickers on it that caught my attention, including a large peace symbol. I immediately thought to myself, I bet this person could appreciate the messages of “It’s OK to”. So, after I got my coffee I came back to my car, got out one of my “It’s OK to Wave” bumper stickers, and wrote a friendly note on the back briefly explaining who I was and what this sticker was all about. I then left it on the windshield of their car, and hoped they would see it before the wind blew it away…





Success! I checked my email this morning and saw this response from the previously anonymous Fit owner…


You left one of your bumper stickers under my Fit’s wiper tonight, and I wanted to say “thank you”! It made my night. I read the history on your web page, and I really dig your message. Thanks for spreading the good word! We need more people in the world with the right idea :).

Have a good one,

… Needless to say, this made me smile! Thank YOU, Brittany!

The moral of this story: Share your kindness.

Cheers and Much Love!

~ Crawford

Image… The next time I stopped at that Starbucks, I noticed this. A few weeks later, Brittany and I were finally acquainted. 


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