Where there’s a will…

From the birth of the IOTW idea, my goal has been to spread my messages of human kindness as far and wide as possible. If you have read the back story of this movement, then you understand how it came to be, and what my initial intention was (if you haven’t yet, you can read it here: www.itsoktowave.com/history.html ). My idea was to create a brand, essentially, that would be recognized for it messages and worn by those who are like minded in their belief in the power of simple acts of human kindness. It has been a struggle to find way to create this “brand” with the lack of capital to do so, but I’ve never given up hope. After a few failed attempts through different forums of pre-ordering and trying to raise initial funds for production costs, I believe that my will has finally yielded a way!

I have found a way to create products and spread these messages through my original designs via a website called Skreened.com. Skreened allows me to create my designs and sell them individually, as they are ordered. This has never been a venture to make money, and I still make very little on each sale. It is simply a way to spread my messages to as many people as possible with the hopes of creating some level of change in the way people interact on a daily basis, even in the slightest, because I believe in the power of kindness, happiness, and love.

The two original T-shirt designs (“It’s OK to Wave” and “It’s OK to Smile”), as well as several sticker designs are still available on our website: www.It’sOKtoWave.com , and you can find our ever growing catalog of new designs, printed on high quality apparel, at our Skreened.com store right here: http://skreened.com/itsokto

**Note: you can choose the style and color you want**

photo (12) photo (11) photo (10) photo (9) photo (16) photo (18)

I am finding new inspiration for designs everyday, and I feel that my heart’s desire to share the love that I have is finally able to be expressed. So I encourage you to take a look at my designs, and I can only hope that some of the messages may strike a chord with you as well! Thank you, and Much LOVE!

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