I love a good hug. I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Whether it be from a parent, a family member, a spouse, a friend, or… a stranger? Come on, how many of you would really be comfortable hugging, or being hugged by a stranger? That word itself has always intrigued me, “stranger.” As if somebody else is so completely different from you that you must classify them as strange, or is it simply a term to designate a person you’ve never met before? Either way, I encourage you to step outside of the highly guarded fortress known as your “comfort zone” and give it a try sometime. You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you, for them, for humanity. Of course, this is assuming that they don’t take a swing at you, in which case, you probably chose the wrong person to hug, so please be discerning.

I happen to be a big fan of a certain band that released this video back in 2001 (ironically, the same year that we experienced one of the greatest acts of fear and hatred of all time), and I think that it’s one of the best examples of how powerful a simple gesture of kindness and love can be. It’s also just fun to watch. You’ll find yourself rooting for the main character, at least, I hope you do…. 🙂


… So, this was 12 years ago. Do you think he would have a different experience today? Would it depend on where he was? And, what would you do if he approached you?… Just a few questions meant to provoke some reflection, both inward and outward. You’re welcome.   ((HUG))

I am most definitely a hugger. I hug my friends when I see them, my kids every chance I get, every member of my family, and even a stranger, if they’re unarmed.

All of this was the inspiration for my latest design. It’s simple, yet effective…


You can get this shirt right here —->  [It’s OK to Hug]  (you can choose your own style AND color!)

So, what do you think? Would YOU wear it?… Either way, I implore you to incorporate a few more hugs into your everyday experience. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Cheers, and Much Love to you ALL!


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